Bi-level optimization



The New Solution Concept to Ill-Posed Bilevel Programming: Non-Antagonistic Pessimistic Solution

Two effective heuristic methods of determining the numbers of fuzzy clustering centers based on bilevel programming

The Hammer and the Nut: Is Bilevel Optimization Really Needed to Poison Linear Classifiers?

Towards Interpretable Multi-task Learning Using Bilevel Programming

Two-level Weight Optimization of Composite Laminates using Integer Programming

Transfer Learning Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Bi-level Optimization Problems

Two-level Topology Optimization for High Definition Material Structures under the cgFEM Framework

The Bi-level Co-optimization Model for Energy and Primary Frequency Regulation Markets Incorporating Energy Storage

Theoretical and numerical comparison of the Karush–Kuhn–Tucker and value function reformulations in bilevel optimization

The model of balancing and scheduling for mix-model assembly line based on bi-level programming

Time-optimal Path Planning for Autonomous Vehicles Based on Bi-Level Programming

The Energic–Energetic Distinction and Coleridge’s Two-Level Theory of Mind

Triangular fuzzy bilevel linear programming problem

Two-stage fuzzy mixed integer optimization model for three-level location allocation problems under uncertain environment

Two-level Scheduling Optimization of Multi-microgrids Operation in Smart Distribution Networks

Two-level Topology Optimization of an Electromagnetic Actuator Based on Genetic Algorithm and Neighbourhood Method

The Maximum Entropy Method for Bilevel Stochastic Programming

Transmission Expansion Planning Outside the Box: A Bilevel Approach

The joint location-transportation model based on grey bi-level programming for early post-earthquake relief

Two level optimization model for multi period compounding loan of engineering project groups

Two‐stage nested bilevel model for generation expansion planning in combined electricity and gas markets

The Standard Pessimistic Bilevel Problem

Two-level layup optimization of composite laminate using lamination parameters

The Local and Global Searches in Bilevel Problems with a Matrix Game at the Lower Level

Tropical Analogues of a Dempe-Franke Bilevel Optimization Problem

Teaching-learning-based optimization algorithm to minimize cross entropy for Selecting multilevel threshold values

Time-Optimal Trajectory Generation for Dynamic Vehicles: A Bilevel Optimization Approach

Tactical Plan Optimisation for Large Multi-Skilled Workforces Using a Bi-Level Model

Two-Level Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization of a District Heating System with Distributed Cogeneration

Two level optimization model of construction safety for prefabricated construction and its artificial immune algorithm

Two-level value function approach to non-smooth optimistic and pessimistic bilevel programs

Two-stage Layout Optimization Model for Multi-level Pickup Point

Time Domain Constrained Optimization of Low Switching Frequency Synchronous Modulation for a Two-Level Three-Phase Inverter

Two-Level Multidimensional Enhanced Melody Search Algorithm for Dynamic Planning of MV Open-Loop Distribution Networks

Two-Level Contractarian Moral Theory

Two-Stage Optimization Based Predictive Torque Control with Reduced Complexity for a Three-Level Inverter Driven Induction Motor

Two-level lot-sizing with inventory bounds

Two-level multiple cross-sectional shape optimization of automotive body frame with exact static and dynamic stiffness constraints

Towards segmentation of non-ideal iris images using optimization based multilevel thresholding

Two-Level Hierarchical Control for Wastewater Treatment Utilizing Neural-Network Predictors and Nonlinear optimization

Two-Level Surrogate-Assisted Differential Evolution Multi-Objective Optimization of Electric Machines Using 3-D FEA

Traffic Signal Optimization Based on System Equilibrium and Bi-level Multi-objective Programming Model

Topology and Sizing Optimization for Frame Structures with a Two-Level Approximation Method

Two-step values for games with two-level communication structure

Two-level optimization of a stepped dielectric superstrate to increase gain of a resonant cavity antenna

Topology Optimization of a Bi-Stable Airfoil Using Nonlinear Elasticity

Two level algorithm with Tabu Search optimization for task scheduling problem in computing cluster environment

Two-Level Finite Difference Methods for Simulating the High-Dimensional Lagging Models of Heat Conduction

Tri-level multi-follower decision-making in a partial-cooperative situation

Two-level Approach for Scheduling Multiproduct Oil Distribution Systems

Transit Network Design Based on the Bi-Level Programming

Towards a new policy analysis of two-level sociological institutionalism

Type Error Customization in GHC

The Watermelon Algorithm for The Bilevel Integer Linear Programming Problem

Two-level particle swarm optimization for the multi-modal team orienteering problem with time windows

Translation Details

Two-Level Games in Foreign Policy Analysis

The Pancharatnam Phase of a Three-Level Atom Coupled to Two Systems of N-Two Level Atoms

Two-level security for message sequences

Tabu Search Approach for the Bi-Level Competitive Base Station Location Problem

Two-Level Polytopes with a Prescribed Facet

Two-level optimization of a polygonal TEM horn

Techniques for Gradient-Based Bilevel Optimization with Non-smooth Lower Level Problems

The bi-level programming optimization method of extended black-start schemes considering safety factors during restoration process

The group exponential lasso for bi-level variable selection

Tsallis Entropy In Bi-level And Multi-level Image Thresholding

The bilevel road pricing problem

Two-Level Pipeline Structure for Particle Swarm Optimization

Two-Level Free-Form and Axial Deformation for Exploratory Aerodynamic Shape Optimization

Two Approaches for Solving Non-linear Bi-level Programming Problem

Target-Vector Based Particle Swarm Optimization for Multi-objective Bilevel Programming Problem

Two-level extensions of an artificial hormone system

The Improvement of Optimality Test over Possible Reaction Set in Bilevel Linear Optimization with Ambiguous Objective Function of the Follower

Towards Understanding Bilevel Multi-objective Optimization with Deterministic Lower Level Decisions

Tri-level Multi-follower Decision Making

Two-Level Linear Programming Problems with Two Decision-Makers at the Upper Level: An Interactive Fuzzy Approach

Topology Optimization for Human Proximal Femur Considering Bi-modulus Behavior of Cortical Bones

The models of bilevel programming with lower level second-order cone programs

The basic properties and algorithm of a linear bilevel programming model with multiple followers

Test problem generation for quadratic-linear pessimistic bilevel optimization

Test Problem Construction for Single-Objective Bilevel Optimization

Two-Level Robust Optimization for Uncertain Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Taxing Strategies for Carbon Emissions: A Bilevel Optimization Approach

The Two-level Optimization Model Research on Rural Water Source Location Decision

Two-stage stochastic bilevel programming over a transportation network

The solution approach to linear fuzzy bilevel optimization problems

Topology optimization of continuum structures with bi-modulus materials

Two-Discipline Optimization

The algorithms for the bi-level programming location model based on the demand assigning

Two-level Linear Programming for Fuzzy Random Portfolio Optimization through Possibility and Necessity-based Model

Two-level optimization approach for Mars orbital long-duration, large non-coplanar rendezvous phasing maneuvers

The Two-Level Method and its Application in Dynamic Optimization of a Truss

Topology optimization of hinge-free compliant mechanisms using level set methods

The Medium-Term Capacity Planning Problem for TFT-LCD Industry: An Application of Fuzzy Bilevel Programming

The bilevel programming problem: reformulations, constraint qualifications and optimality conditions

Two-Level Free-Form Deformation for High-Fidelity Aerodynamic Shape Optimization

  • Authors: Hugo Gagnon, David Zingg

  • Published in: 12th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations (ATIO) Conference and 14th AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Conference, 2012.

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Two-level refined direct optimization scheme using intermediate surrogate models for electromagnetic optimization of a switched reluctance motor

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Technical Note—The Equivalence of Two Mathematical Programs with Optimization Problems in the Constraints

Two-Level Optimization of the Ammonium Alum Processes in the Aluminum Oxide Production

Two-level optimization techniques for dynamic systems