Bi-level optimization



A goal programming strategy for bi-level decentralised multi-objective linear programming problem with neutrosophic numbers

An optimal bilevel optimization model for the generalized total variation and anisotropic tensor parameters selection

A study of mixed discrete bilevel programs using semidefinite and semi-infinite programming

A Data-Driven Bilevel Optimization Problem Considering Product Popularity for the E-Commerce Presale Mode

A deterministic bounding algorithm vs. a hybrid meta-heuristic to deal with a bilevel mixed-integer nonlinear optimization model for electricity dynamic pricing

A New Accelerated Algorithm Based on Fixed Point Method for Convex Bilevel Optimization Problems with Applications

A Bi-Level Optimization Model for Service Composition in Cloud Manufacturing Based on Global Benefit and Correlation Effect

A bi-level optimization framework for charging station design problem considering heterogeneous charging modes

An outer approximation bi-level framework for mixed categorical structural optimization problems

A flexible employee recruitment and compensation model: A bi-level optimization approach

A Bi-Level Optimization Stochastic Approach for a Real Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch a Case Study in Iran

Application of genetic algorithm based on bi-level selection for passive positioning deployment optimization

  • Authors: Yan Rong, Peng Li, Gaogao Liu, Yaodong Zhao, Bin Wu

  • Published in: In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Information Processing ({AIIIP} 2022), 2022. {SPIE}.

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A multitasking surrogate-assisted differential evolution method for solving bi-level optimization problems

Assessment of urban traffic control by application of bi-level optimization model

An efficient Bi-level hybrid multi-objective reliability-based design optimization of composite structures

A capacity configuration planning method for regional integrated energy system based on bi-level optimization

  • Authors: R. Zhao, R. Liang, K. Li, B. Yang, L. Qi

  • Published in: In 18th International Conference on {AC} and {DC} Power Transmission ({ACDC} 2022), 2022. Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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An efficient chemical reaction algorithm for multi-objective combinatorial bi-level optimization

A Novel Evolutionary Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm for Multilevel Thresholding Segmentation of COVID-19 CT Images

A fuzzy bi-level programming approach to scarce drugs supply and ration planning problem under risk

A bilevel model for public transport demand estimation

A Novel Matheuristic based on bi-level optimization for the multi-Objective design of hydrogen supply chains

A Bi-Level Optimization Mode for the Asset-Liability Management of Insurance Companies

An analytics-based heuristic decomposition of a bilevel multiple-follower cutting stock problem

A note on the paper “Sufficient optimality conditions using convexifactors for optimistic bilevel programming problem”

A hybrid multilevel method for simultaneous optimization design of topology and discrete fiber orientation

A Bi-level Optimization Model for Solving the Berth and Quay Cranes allocation Problems in Port Terminal

A two-grid method for level-set based topology optimization with GPU-acceleration

A sustainable road pricing oriented bilevel optimization approach under multiple environmental uncertainties

A reformulation strategy for mixed-integer linear bi-level programming problems

Automated parameter tuning as a bilevel optimization problem solved by a surrogate-assisted population-based approach

A leader Harris hawks optimization for 2-D Masi entropy-based multilevel image thresholding

A bi-level approach for the structural optimization of the hypersonic STRATOFLY MR3 vehicle

An efficient bilevel differential evolution algorithm with adaptation of lower level population size and search radius

A Chaotic Search-Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for Bilevel Programming Problems

A customized bilevel optimization approach for solving large-scale truss design problems

A Short State of the Art on Multi-Leader-Follower Games

A bi-level methodology for solving large-scale mixed categorical structural optimization

A Unified Framework for Multistage Mixed Integer Linear Optimization

A matheuristic for solving the bilevel approach of the facility location problem with cardinality constraints and preferences

An application of bilevel optimisation to the waste collection centres location problem

A bilevel learning approach for optimal observation placement in variational data assimilation

A Second-Order Sufficient Optimality Condition for Risk-Neutral Bi-level Stochastic Linear Programs

Approximate Bilevel Optimization with Population-Based Evolutionary Algorithms

An Image Set-Oriented Method for the Numerical Treatment of Bi-Level Multi-objective Optimization Problems

Algorithms for Simple Bilevel Programming

A Tractable Multi-Leader Multi-Follower Peak-Load-Pricing Model with Strategic Interaction

A Framework for Scalable Bilevel Optimization: Identifying and Utilizing the Interactions Between Upper-Level and Lower-Level Variables

An Aspect of Bilevel Fixed Charge Fractional Transportation Problem

A Bilevel Programming Model for a Cohesive Decision-Making on Strategic Pricing and Production Distribution Planning for a Small-Scale Supplier

An efficient memetic algorithm using approximation scheme for solving nonlinear integer bilevel programming problems

Analysing interval and multi-choice bi-level programming for Stackelberg game using intuitionistic fuzzy programming

A market regulation bilevel problem: A case study of the Mexican petrochemical industry

Apuntes metodológicos en torno a la historia y la antropología de la violencia

A note on partial calmness for bilevel optimization problems with linearly structured lower level

A surrogate-assisted metaheuristic for bilevel optimization

A residential energy management system with bi-level optimization-based bidding strategy for day-ahead bi-directional electricity trading

A Bi-Level Optimization Approach to Define Dynamic Tariffs with Variable Prices and Periods in the Electricity Retail Market

  • Authors: Inês Soares, Maria João Alves, Carlos Henggeler Antunes

  • Published in: Advances in Evolutionary and Deterministic Methods for Design, Optimization and Control in Engineering and Sciences, 1–16, 2020.

  • DOI:

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A branch-and-cut algorithm for mixed integer bilevel linear optimization problems and its implementation

A Dual Recurrent Neural Network-based Hybrid Approach for Solving Convex Quadratic Bi-Level Programming Problem

Applications of Bilevel Optimization in Energy and Electricity Markets

A bi-level programming model of rough stochastic MRCPSP in large-scale hydropower construction project

A Novel Two-Level Optimization Strategy for Multi-Debris Active Removal Mission in LEO

A Lagrange Relaxation Based Approach to Solve a Discrete-Continous Bi-Level Model

An Iterative Regularized Incremental Projected Subgradient Method for a Class of Bilevel Optimization Problems

A Multi-Parametric optimization approach for bilevel mixed-integer linear and quadratic programming problems

A Multiobjective Bilevel Programming Model for Environmentally Friendly Traffic Signal Timings

A bi-level programming approach for global investment strategies with financial intermediation

A Julia package for bilevel optimization problems

A Literature Review: Solving Constrained Non-Linear Bi-Level Optimization Problems With Classical Methods

A parametric programming approach to bilevel optimisation with lower-level variables in the upper level

A co-evolutionary hybrid decomposition-based algorithm for bi-level combinatorial optimization problems

A new vertex enumeration-based approach for bilevel linear-linear fractional programming problems

An Application of Bilevel Optimization to the Waste Collection Centers Location Problem

A Two-Level Method for Image Deblurring Problem

A Bilevel Multiobjective Optimisation Approach for Solving the Evacuation Location Assignment Problem

A Bi-level Differential Evolutionary Algorithm for Constrained Optimization

Antlion optimization and Whale optimization Algorithm for multilevel thresholding segmentation

A bi-level programming model for sustainable supply chain network design that considers incentives for using cleaner technologies

A Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach for Solving Chance Constrained Bi-Level Multi-Objective Quadratic Fractional Programming Problem

A Differentiable Augmented Lagrangian Method for Bilevel Nonlinear Optimization

Application of Gray Discrete Bi-level Linear Programming Model in the Double Emergency Management Network

A bi-level programming approach to locate capacitated electric vehicle charging stations

A Metaheuristic for Bilevel Optimization Using Tykhonov Regularization and the Quasi-Newton Method

A novel evolutionary algorithmic solution approach for bilevel reliability-redundancy allocation problem

A bilevel programming framework for piecewise affine system identification

A Bi-Level Bi-Objective Mathematical Model for Stop Location in a School Bus Routing Problem

A Fuzzy Linear Programming Approach to Solve Bi-level Multi-objective Linear Programming Problems

A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for the Bilevel Network Maintenance Scheduling Problem

Analyzing interval and multi-choice bi-level programming for Stackelberg game using intuitionistic fuzzy programming

A multiple objective programming approach to linear bilevel multi-follower programming

An inertial extrapolation method for convex simple bilevel optimization

An Explicit Nash Equilibrium to a Multi‐Leader‐Follower Game

A game theoretic analysis of knowledge sharing behavior of academics: Bi-level programming application

A Bilevel Programming Model and Algorithm for the Static Bike Repositioning Problem

A Bilevel Model for Network Design and Pricing Based on a Level-of-Service Assessment

An Application of Bilevel Optimization in Pricing and Leasing Strategy

A Two-Level Rolling Optimization Model for Real-time Adaptive Signal Control

A two-phase simulation–optimization cellular automata method for sewer network design optimization

A two-level particle swarm optimization algorithm for the flexible job shop scheduling problem

A Bi-Level Programming Approach for Optimal Design of EV Charging Station

A bi-level multiobjective optimization model for waste load allocation in rivers

A nested particle swarm algorithm based on sphere mutation to solve bi-level optimization

Application of Genetic Algorithm for Solving Bilevel Linear Programming Problems

A semivectorial bilevel programming approach to optimize electricity dynamic time-of-use retail pricing

A Multi-Level Clustering Method For Field Development Optimization Under Uncertainty

A hybrid machine-learning and optimization method to solve bi-level problems

A Bilevel Methodology for solving a Structural Optimization Problem with both Continuous and Categorical Variables

  • Authors: Pierre-Jean Barjhoux, Youssef Diouane, Stéphane Grihon, Dimitri Bettebghor, Joseph Morlier

  • Published in: 2018 Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Conference, 2018.

  • DOI:

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A bi-level bi-objective mathematical model for cellular manufacturing system applying evolutionary algorithms

A Bi-Level Optimization Approach for Energy Allocation Problems

A two-level metaheuristic for the all colors shortest path problem

Approximating solutions to a bilevel capacitated facility location problem with customer’s patronization toward a list of preferences

A new co-evolutionary decomposition-based algorithm for bi-level combinatorial optimization

An EDA for Solving Linear Fractional Bilevel Programming Problems

A Bi-Level Evolutionary Optimization for Coordinated Transmission Expansion Planning

A New Algorithm for Solving Fully Fuzzy Bi-Level Quadratic Programming Problems

A robust bi-level programming model to design a closed loop supply chain considering government collection’s policy

A bilevel approach for parameter learning in inverse problems

An Effective Bilevel Programming Approach for the Evasive Flow Capturing Location Problem


A Bi-Level Programming Model of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Transportation Operation for Urban Road Network by Period-Security

A Note on the Paper “Optimality Conditions for Optimistic Bilevel Programming Problem Using Convexifactors”

A bilevel competitive location and pricing model with nonuniform split of demand

A bilevel exposure-oriented sensor location problem for border security

A Two-Level Optimization Framework for Cyclic Scheduling of Ethylene Cracking Furnace System

An Objective Penalty Method for Optimistic Bilevel Programming Problems

An Incentive-based Bi-level optimization Model for Collaborative Green Product Line Design

A Physics-Inspired Algorithm for Bilevel optimization

A Novel Algorithm for Bi-Level Image Coding and Lossless Compression based on Virtual Ant Colonies

A Novel Bilevel Formulation for Pollution Routing Problem

An approach of fuzzy and TOPSIS to bi-level multi-objective nonlinear fractional programming problem

A discrete bilevel brain storm algorithm for solving a sales territory design problem: a case study

A novel two-level optimization approach for clustered vehicle routing problem

A Two-Level Cross-Sectional Optimization Approach for Automotive Body Concept Design

A bi-objective mixed-model assembly line sequencing problem considering customer satisfaction and customer buying behaviour

A multilevel image thresholding using the animal migration optimization algorithm

A New Solving Method for Fuzzy Bilevel Optimization with Triangular Fuzzy Coefficients

A Bilevel Programming Model for Proactive Countermeasure Selection in Complex ICT Systems

A Hybrid Approach for Solving Dynamic Bi-level Optimization Problems

A Novel Solution Approach for Fuzzy Linear Bilevel Multi-follower Programming Problems

A Two-Level Account of Executive Authority

A new multilevel inverter with genetic algorithm optimization for hybrid power station application

A Bi-level Programming Model for Distribution Network Expansion Planning with Distributed Generations and Energy Storage Systems

A Bilevel Multi-Objective Model for Sustainable Road Pricing Design on A Bimodal Transport Network

A Bilevel Programming Approach to Optimize C-phycocyanin Bio-production under Uncertainty

A Review on Bilevel Optimization: From Classical to Evolutionary Approaches and Applications

A bi-level optimization for an HVAC system

An Interactive Dynamic Fuzzy Goal Programming for Bi-level Multiobjective Linear Fractional Programming Problems.

An Extended Fenchel–Lagrange Duality Approach and Optimality Conditions for Strong Bilevel Programming Problems

A Differential Evolution Algorithm to Semivectorial Bilevel Problems

A bi-level programming approach for production-distribution supply chain problem

A multi-parametric bi-level optimization strategy for hierarchical model predictive control

A two-level optimization approach for robust aircraft routing and retiming

An Alternative Approach for Solving Bi-Level Programming Problems

A new transmission tariff allocation model based on bilevel programming

A bi-level maximal covering location problem

A Co-evolutionary Decomposition-based Chemical Reaction Algorithm for Bi-level Combinatorial Optimization Problems

Adaptive Bilevel Approximation Technique for Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimization

A bilevel optimization model for load balancing in mobile networks through price incentives

  • Authors: Jean Bernard Eytard, Marianne Akian, Mustapha Bouhtou, Stephane Gaubert

  • Published in: 2017 15th International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks (WiOpt), 2017.

  • DOI:

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A New General-Purpose Algorithm for Mixed-Integer Bilevel Linear Programs

An equivalent one level optimization problem to a semivectorial bilevel problem

An algorithm of simplicial Lipschitz optimization with the bi-criteria selection of simplices for the bi-section

An Enhanced Memetic Algorithm for Single-Objective Bilevel Optimization Problems

A New Method for Solving Multiobjective Bilevel Programs

A novel bilevel model and solution algorithms for multi-period interdiction problem with fortification

Application of Multilevel Optimization Algorithms

An Effective Solution to Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems Using Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

A Value-Function-Based Exact Approach for the Bilevel Mixed-Integer Programming Problem

A multilevel thresholding method for image segmentation based on multiobjective particle swarm optimization

A Bilevel Approach for the Stochastic Optimal Operation of Interconnected Microgrids

Application-Level Protocols

A Bi-Level Coordinated Optimization Strategy for Smart Appliances Considering Online Demand Response Potential

A Nonconvex Optimization Approach to Quadratic Bilevel Problems

A parallel approach to bi-objective integer programming

A Multilevel Monte Carlo Algorithm for Robust Multi Objective Aerodynamic Shape Optimization

A Bi-level Model to Optimize the Tolling Level and Period on a Bottleneck Road with Multi-class Users

An Effective Branch-and-cut algorithm in Order to Solve the Mixed Integer Bi-level Programming

A First Order Method for Solving Convex Bilevel Optimization Problems

Approximated set-valued mapping approach for handling multiobjective bilevel problems

Adaptive multilevel trust-region methods for time-dependent PDE-constrained optimization

A bilevel improved fruit fly optimization algorithm for the nonlinear bilevel programming problem

A bi-level programming for multistage co-expansion planning of the integrated gas and electricity system

A cooperative coevolution PSO technique for complex bilevel programming problems and application to watershed water trading decision making problems

Assembly Language

An efficient two-level swarm intelligence approach for RNA secondary structure prediction with bi-objective minimum free energy scores

A computational study for bilevel quadratic programs using semidefinite relaxations

A matheuristic for the discrete bilevel problem with multiple objectives at the lower level

A bilevel optimal power flow based on Fritz-John normalized optimality conditions

An illustration of different concepts of solutions in semivectorial bilevel programming

A new methodological development for solving linear bilevel integer programming problems in hybrid fuzzy environment

A memetic evolutionary algorithm for bi-level combinatorial optimization: A realization between Bi-MDVRP and Bi-CVRP

An optimization approach for designing multilevel converters

A condition-based maintenance optimization method for multi-phased aircraft fleet oriented to the mission success

A Bilevel Programming Reformulation for A Single-Leg Flight Capacity Control Problem

An optimization approach for modulation in multilevel converters

A Bilevel Multi-parent Genetic Optimization Model for Flexible Assembly Line Balancing with Work-Sharing and Workstation Revisiting

A solution to bi/tri-level programming problems using particle swarm optimization

A memetic algorithm for solving bilevel optimization problems with multiple followers

An improved uniform design-based genetic algorithm for multi-objective bilevel convex programming

A three phase step up multilevel inverter for aircraft applications

A Stochastic Approach to Solving Bilevel Natural Gas Cash-Out Problems

A multilevel approach for generating report based on information filtering

A differential evolution algorithm for bilevel problems including linear equality constraints

A discretization iteration approach for solving a class of semivectorial bilevel programming problem

Analyzing the Performance of a Hybrid Heuristic for Solving a Bilevel Location Problem under Different Approaches to Tackle the Lower Level

A bilevel optimization approach to demand response management for the smart grid

A neuro-fuzzy controller for multilevel renewable energy system

An asymmetric multilevel inverter using reduced switch count topology

A Bilevel Quadratic–Quadratic Fractional Programming through Fuzzy Goal Programming approach

Analysis of different modulation techniques for multilevel inverters

A bi-level approach for optimal contract pricing of independent dispatchable DG units in distribution networks

  • Authors: Ashkan Sadeghi Mobarakeh, Abbas Rajabi-Ghahnavieh, Hossein Haghighat

  • Published in: International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, 26(8), 1685–1704, 2016.

  • DOI:

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A Self-Optimization Traffic Model by Multilevel Formalism

A Bi-objective Optimization Model for Designing Safe Walking Routes for School Children

An optimal strong equilibrium solution for cooperative multi-leader-follower Stackelberg Markov chains games

An extension of the directed search domain algorithm to bilevel optimization

A hierarchical wind driven optimization method for solving the bi-level programming problem

A coordination model for ill-posed bilevel programming problem via the leader’s motivation.

A solution approach to the weak linear bilevel programming problems

A bilevel integer programming method for blended composite structures

A bi-level programming model for protection of hierarchical facilities under imminent attacks

A PSO Approach to Semivectorial Bilevel Programming

Actuator placement optimization for adaptive trusses using a two-level multipoint approximation method

A Fixed Point Approach to Bi-level Multi-objective Problems

A Genetic Algorithm for the Bi-Level Topological Design of Local Area Networks

A decomposition approach to solve a bilevel capacitated facility location problem with equity constraints

A Bi-level Multiobjective PSO Algorithm

A co-evolutionary decomposition-based algorithm for Bi-Level combinatorial optimization

Applications to Other Energy Systems

A bi-level design and operation optimization process applied to an energy centre

An optimization algorithm based on Bi-SIFT for SAR image registration

A Bilevel Mathematical Programming Model to Optimize the Design of Cycle Paths

A Scatter Search Algorithm for Solving a Bilevel Optimization Model for Determining Highway Tolls

Application of bi-level programming for profit maximization by transmission investors

A Bilevel Optimization Model for Supply Chain Scheduling Using Evolutionary Algorithms

An evolutionary algorithm with adaptive scalarization for multiobjective bilevel programs

A Compromise-Based Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Solving Bi-Level Programming Problems with Fuzzy Parameters

A Hybrid Algorithm for Reactive Power Optimization Based on Bi-level Programming

A bilevel programming model for corporate social responsibility collaboration in sustainable supply chain management

A Hybrid Random Bilevel Programming Model and Its PSO Based Algorithm

A memetic algorithm for solving single objective bilevel optimization problems

A bilevel Farkas lemma to characterizing global solutions of a class of bilevel polynomial programs

A branch-and-bound multi-parametric programming approach for non-convex multilevel optimization with polyhedral constraints

A novel two-level particle swarm optimization approach for efficient multiple sequence alignment

Asymptotic behavior of semi-quasivariational optimistic bilevel problems in Banach spaces

A domain-specific high-level programming model

A fast steady-state loss model of a modular multilevel converter for optimization purposes

A Surrogate-Based Two-Level Genetic Algorithm Optimization Through Wavelet Transform

A bi-level multi-choice programming problem

A bilevel storage pricing model for outbound containers in a dry port system

A Novel Method for Solving the Fully Fuzzy Bilevel Linear Programming Problem

An Intelligent Algorithm of Bi-level Programming Model for Three-Stage Supply Chain

An application of data mining classification and bi-level programming for optimal credit allocation

A two level variable step size FxLMS algorithm for active noise control system

An Effective Method for Optimality Test over Possible Reaction Set for Maximin Solution of Bilevel Linear Programming with Ambiguous Lower-Level Objective Function

A New Method To Solve Bi-Level Quadratic Linear Fractional Programming Problems

An optimization-based control strategy for modular multilevel converters: Design and implementation

  • Authors: Nikola Stankovic, Gilbert Bergna, Amir Arzande, Erik Berne, Philippe Egret, Jean-Claude Vannier

  • Published in: 2015 IEEE 11th International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems, 2015.

  • DOI:

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A monotonic optimization based optimal discrete charging protocol for electric vehicles with multilevel charging rates

A class of algorithms for mixed-integer bilevel min–max optimization

Approximate bilevel programming via pareto optimization for imputation and control of optimization and equilibrium models

A unit commitment-based fuzzy bilevel electricity trading model under load uncertainty

A class of decentralized bi-level programming with multi-objectives in the upper level

A Genetic Algorithm for Solving a Class of Multi-objective Bilevel Programming Problems

A New Sequential Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Method for Bi-Level Decomposed Systems

An algorithm based on particle swarm optimization for multiobjective bilevel linear problems

A Bilevel Traffic Data Extraction Procedure via Cellular Phone Network for Intercity Travel

A bilevel NLP sensitivity-based decomposition for dynamic optimization with moving finite elements


A Bi-level Programming to Two-Stage Transportation Planning Problem

A bi-level hierarchical method for shape and member sizing optimization of steel truss structures

A bi-level programming method for transmission planning with large-scale intermittent generations considering stochastic optimal power flow

A comparative study of the winding type influence on the noise level of two-speed three-phase induction motors

An augmented Lagrangian multiplier method based on a CHKS smoothing function for solving nonlinear bilevel programming problems

Application of Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization to Bi-level Job-Shop Scheduling Problem

A bilevel shape optimization problem for the exterior Bernoulli free boundary value problem

A Shared-Constraint Approach to Multi-Leader Multi-Follower Games

A Smoothing Method for Solving Bilevel Multiobjective Programming Problems

A bilevel model for multivariate risk analysis of pedestrians’ crossing behavior at signalized intersections

A Bilevel Optimization Program with Equilibrium Constraints for an Urban Network Dependent on Time

A solution method for the optimistic linear semivectorial bilevel optimization problem

A bilevel programming approach to double optimal stopping

A two level real-time path planning method inspired by cognitive map and predictive optimization in human brain

A simulation benchmark for selection of the PWM algorithms for a multilevel PWM matrix converter

A Multilevel Thresholding algorithm using electromagnetism optimization

A Two-Level Genetic Algorithm for Large Optimization Problems

A novel bi-level hierarchy towards available-to-promise in mixed-model assembly line sequencing problems

A cutting plane method for bilevel linear programming with interval coefficients

A fuzzy random bi-level programming model for three-stage supply chain with dual coordination mechanism

An Innovative Game Method for Multilevel-Objective Optimization

A class of integer linear fractional bilevel programming problems

An Approximate Sequential Bundle Method for Solving a Convex Nondifferentiable Bilevel Programming Problem

A bilevel optimization approach to automated parameter tuning

A Stochastic Bilevel Decision-Making Model of Optimal Production Planning with Carbon Emission Trading

An energy-aware bi-level optimization model for multi-job scheduling problems under cloud computing

A MODM Bi-level Model with Fuzzy Random Coefficients for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problems

A global solution method for semivectorial bilevel programming problem

A Class of Random Fuzzy Linear Bi-level Programming with Expected Objectives and Chance Constraints

A genetic algorithm for the two-level location area planning in telecommunication networks

An interval programming approach for bilevel linear programming problem with fuzzy random coefficients

A Matheuristic for Leader-Follower Games Involving Facility Location-Protection-Interdiction Decisions

A Genetic Algorithm for Power System Vulnerability Analysis under Multiple Contingencies

A fuzzy goal programming approach for quadratic multiobjective bilevel programming under fuzzy environment

A Complexity and Approximability Study of the Bilevel Knapsack Problem

A bi-objective constrained optimization algorithm using a hybrid evolutionary and penalty function approach

Algorithms for a class of bilevel programs involving pseudomonotone variational inequalities

A Unified bilevel programming framework for price-based market clearing under marginal pricing


Applying Bi-level Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimizing Composites Manufacturing Processes

A cutting plane approach for bilevel hazardous material transport network design

A genetic algorithm for solving a class of multiobjective bilevel programming problems

A New Coordination Model for Ill-Posed Bilevel Programming Problem

A bi-objective optimization approach for exclusive bus lane selection and scheduling design

A Bilevel Optimization Approach for Parameter Learning in Variational Models

An Efficient Genetic Algorithm for Interval Linear Bilevel Programming Problems

A modified DIRECT algorithm with bilevel partition

A Bilevel Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Supply Chain Management Problems

An Objective Penalty Function Algorithm for Bilevel Programming Based on Multi-Parameters

A Novel Supervised Bi-Level Thresholding Technique Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

A choice of bilevel linear programming solving parameters: factoraggregation approach

A bilevel model for transportation service sharing in Supply Hub in Industrial Park (SHIP)

A bi-level meta-modeling approach for structural optimization using modified POD bases and Diffuse Approximation

Adaptive bi-level programming for optimal gene knockouts for targeted overproduction under phenotypic constraints

A New Descent Method for Solving Ill-Posed Bilevel Programming Problems via Maxmin Model

A Bi-level Programming Model and Solution Algorithms for Taxi Fare in Taxi Market of China

A Taxonomy of Metaheuristics for Bi-level Optimization

A fuzzy multi-objective multi-follower linear Bi-level programming problem to supply chain optimization

A simulation optimization approach for a two-echelon inventory system with service level constraints

An adaptive level set method based on two-level uniform meshes and its application to dislocation dynamics

A move limit strategy for level set based structural optimization

A smoothing augmented Lagrangian method for solving simple bilevel programs

Analysis of the asset replacement level with an uncertain salvage value: a two-factor model

Adaptive Multilevel Inexact SQP-Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization with Control Constraints

A Two-Level Strategy to Realize Life-Cycle Production Optimization in an Operational Setting

An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization for Solving Bilevel Multiobjective Programming Problem

A bilevel fixed charge location model for facilities under imminent attack

An extragradient algorithm for solving bilevel pseudomonotone variational inequalities

A Path Based Algorithm for Solve the Hazardous Materials Transportation Bilevel Problem

A new equivalent single-level problem for bilevel problems

A Multilevel Thresholding Method Based on Multiobjective Optimization for Non-Supervised Image Segmentation

Adjacent level effects of bi level disc replacement, bi level fusion and disc replacement plus fusion in cervical spine- a finite element based study

A bilevel programming problem with maximization of a supermodular function in the lower level

A bilevel game theoretic approach to optimum design of flywheels

A Bilevel Approach to Operational Decision Making of a Distribution Company in Competitive Environments

An interior point technique for solving bilevel programming problems

Analysis on Bi-level Programming Model in Supply Chain Distribution Problem

An evolutionary algorithm for bilevel optimisation of Men’s Team Pursuit Track Cycling

Adaptive two-level optimization for selection predicates of multiple continuous queries

An Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving Bilevel Programming Problems Using Duality Conditions

A Novel Two-Level Optimization Framework Based on Constrained Ordinal Optimization and Evolutionary Algorithms for Scheduling of Multipipeline Crude Oil Blending

An Exact Algorithm for Bilevel 0-1 Knapsack Problems

A Bilevel Approach for the Optimal Control of Flows Through a Network

A locality-aware bi-level mesh-mesh 2d-noc architecture for future thousand core CMPs

A genetic algorithm-based fuzzy goal programming approach for solving fractional bilevel programming problems

A New Approach for Solving Linear Bilevel Programming Using Differential Evolution

An Inexact Restoration Package for Bilevel Programming Problems

An Overview On Bilevel Programming

A bilevel decomposition approach to railway crew rostering problems for fair labor condition

A global optimization algorithm for solving the bi-level linear fractional programming problem

A Bi-Level Programming Model of the Marketing Resources Based on Customer Equity in CRM

An exact penalty method for weak linear bilevel programming problem

A Two-Level Strategy to Realize Life-Cycle Production Optimization in an Operational Setting

A Fenchel–Lagrange Duality Approach for a Bilevel Programming Problem with Extremal-Value Function

Accelerating tetrahedral interpolation with data-level and Thread-Level Parallel optimization

Analysis of a level set method for topology optimization

A fuzzy programming approach for solving quadratic bilevel programming problems with fuzzy resource constraints

Analysis of investments in generation capacity: a bilevel approach

Approximation Algorithms for a Bi-level Knapsack Problem

A Novel Bi-level Programming Model for Capabilities-based Weapon System of Systems Planning

A Node Splitting Technique for Two Level Network Design Problems with Transition Nodes

A Survey of Bilevel Programming Model and Algorithm

A bilevel fuzzy principal-agent model for optimal nonlinear taxation problems

A bilevel optimization method for simultaneous synthesis of medium-scale heat exchanger networks based on grouping of process streams

A Bi-Level Multi-Objective Robust Design Optimization Method With Multiple Robustness Index Capabilities

A Genetic Algorithm for Solving Linear-Quadratic Bilevel Program-Ming Problems

A Bi-level Programming Model for Network Traffic Surveillance of Optimal Camera Location

An Objective Penalty Function of Bilevel Programming

Assessing the performance of an optimization-based multilevel method

A bilevel decomposition algorithm for simultaneous production scheduling and conflict-free routing for automated guided vehicles

Application of a bi-level scheme including topology optimization to the design of an aircraft pylon

An Application of Bilevel Programming Problem in Optimal Pollution Emission Price

A Genetic Algorithm for Solving Weak Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems

An Iterative Strategy for Bi-objective Optimization of Metabolic Pathways

A surrogate based multistage-multilevel optimization procedure for multidisciplinary design optimization

A fuzzy interactive method for a class of bilevel multiobjective programming problem

A dual-relax penalty function approach for solving nonlinear bilevel programming with linear lower level problem

Adaptive Multilevel Inexact SQP Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization

An interval number programming approach for bilevel linear programming problem

A Two-Level Scheme for Network Selection and Schedule Optimization of Cargo Airlines

A weighting method for 0–1 indefinite quadratic bilevel programming

A fuzzy goal programming approach for solving the decentralized bi-level optimization problem with imprecise cooperation relations

A two-level resource organization and optimization framework via optimization and agent negotiation for Multi-satellite reconnaissance and surveillance system

A Two-Level Genetic Algorithm for Electromagnetic Optimization

A two-level optimization based learning control strategy for wet clutches

Auxiliary Principle and Algorithm for Mixed Equilibrium Problems and Bilevel Mixed Equilibrium Problems in Banach Spaces

A Filter Method to Solve Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems

A New Approach To Solve Multi-objective Linear Bilevel Programming Problems

A Multilevel Scheme with Adaptive Memory Strategy for Multiway Graph Partitioning

A bilevel time-dependent scheduling model for Hazmat road transportation

  • Authors: Hongmei Jia, Bin Wang, Lin Zhang, Yanping Liu

  • Published in: IET Road Transport Information and Control Conference and the ITS United Kingdom Members’ Conference (RTIC 2010). Better transport through technology, 2010.

  • DOI:

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A two-level loan portfolio optimization problem

A Hybrid Tabu Search Heuristic for a Bilevel Competitive Facility Location Model

A linearization approach to solve the natural gas cash-out bilevel problem

An Effective Space-Vector PWM Method for Multi-level Inverter Based on Two-level Inverter

A Hybrid Approach for Solving Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems Using Genetic Algorithms

A Two-Level Distributed Sub-Carrier Allocation Algorithm Based on Ant Colony Optimization in OFDMA Systems

A New Two Level Difference Scheme for Solving One-Dimensional Second-Order Hyperbolic Equations

A penalty function method based on bilevel programming for solving inverse optimal value problems

A Hybrid Bilevel Model for the Optimal Shelter Assignment in Emergency Evacuations

A genetic algorithm approach to fuzzy quadratic bilevel programming

A bi-directional chaos optimization algorithm

An approximate programming method based on the simplex method for bilevel programming problem

A \({\bm łambda}\)-Cut and Goal-Programming-Based Algorithm for Fuzzy-Linear Multiple-Objective Bilevel Optimization

A Bi-Level Programming Model for Origin-Destination Estimation Based on FCD

A bi-level multi-objective programming model for bus crew and vehicle scheduling

A solution method for semivectorial bilevel programming problem via penalty method

A dynamic programming algorithm for the bilevel knapsack problem

An exact penalty on bilevel programs with linear vector optimization lower level

A bilevel flow model for hazmat transportation network design

A Multiobjective Bilevel Program for Production-Distribution Planning in a Supply Chain

A Bilevel Stochastic Programming Approach for Retailer Futures Market Trading

A Novel Two-Level Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving Constrained Function Optimization

A bi-level programming for logistics network design with system-optimized flows

A Branch-and-cut Algorithm for Integer Bilevel Linear Programs

An Evolutionary Approach for Bilevel Multi-objective Problems

Arc-Consistency Checking with Bilevel Constraints: An Optimization

A Pattern Search Filter Method for Bilevel Programming Problems

A Bi-Level Programming Model for Multistage Transmission Network Expansion Planning in Competitive Electricity Market

A novel SVR parameter selection base on bi-level programming problem


A particle swarm optimization based algorithm for fuzzy bilevel decision making with constraints-shared followers

A Bilevel Approach to Transmission Expansion Planning Within a Market Environment

A hybrid multilevel approach for aeroelastic optimization of composite wing-box

An Application of Particle Swarm Optimization to Uncapacitated Multilevel Lot-Sizing Problems with Series Structure

A bilevel programming approach to assembly job shop scheduling

A Genetic Algorithm for Multiobjective Bilevel Convex Optimization Problems

Approximate explicit MPC using bilevel optimization

Application of particle swarm optimization algorithm for solving bi-level linear programming problem

An Interpolation Based Genetic Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems

A Mixed-Encoding Genetic Algorithm for Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems

A genetic algorithm for bi-level linear programming dynamic network design problem

An Approach for a Class of Bilevel Multiobjective Programming Problem

A genetic algorithm based fuzzy goal programming solution approach to chance constrained bilevel programming problems

A two-level optimization scheme for bandwidth optimization of a microprocessor vertical interconnect

Artificial Disc Replacement Combined With Fusion Versus Two-Level Fusion in Cervical Two-Level Disc Disease

A multilevel algorithm for solving the trust-region subproblem

A fuzzy interactive decision making algorithm for bilevel multi-followers programming with partial shared variables among followers

A fuzzy bi-level programming modeling method in supply chain management

A bi-level programming framework for stochastic replenishment policy in a supply chain: approach and computational test

A Bi-Level Programming Model of Urban Transportation Energy Consumption Based on Road Network Capacity

A bi-level programming model of urban land use and network design problem

An Image Coding Approach Using Wavelet-Based Adaptive Contourlet Transform

A Bi-Level Programming Model for the Road Network Planning in Economic Circle

A bilevel optimization model and a PSO-based algorithm in day-ahead electricity markets

A bilevel mixed-integer program for critical infrastructure protection planning

A bilevel programming approach for power system operation planning considering voltage stability and economic dispatch

An algorithm for multi-level programming problem using goal programming

An optimal inventory model based on postponement strategy: a bilevel programming approach

A new approach for solving linear bilevel problems using genetic algorithms


A solution to interval linear bi-level programming and its application in decentralized supply chain planning

A Penalty Function Approach to Solve the Bilevel Tolls Problem

  • Authors: Vyacheslav V. Kalashnikov, Nataliya I. Kalashnykova, José Fernando Camacho Vallejo

  • Published in: 2008 3rd International Conference on Innovative Computing Information and Control, 2008.

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A Royalty negotiation model for BOT projects: A Bi-level programming approach

An Evolutionary Algorithm for Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems Based on a New Penalty Method

Adaptive moving mesh level set method for structure topology optimization

A heuristic for the bilevel origin–destination-matrix estimation problem

A neural network approach for solving nonlinear bilevel programming problem

A method for solving bilevel linear programming problems

A bi-level programming model and solution algorithm for the location of logistics distribution centers

A global optimization algorithm for generalized semi-infinite, continuous minimax with coupled constraints and bi-level problems

An Interactive Fuzzy Decision Making Method for a Class of Bilevel Programming

A Fuzzy Interactive Approach for Decentralized Bilevel Programming Problem with a Common Decision Variable

A particle swarm optimization based algorithm for fuzzy bilevel decision making

A bilevel optimization algorithm to identify enzymatic capacity constraints in metabolic networks

An existence theorem for equilibrium points for multi-leader–follower games

An ExtendedKth-Best Approach For Referential-Uncooperative Bilevel Multi-Follower Decision Making

A two-level optimization procedure for material characterization of composites using two symmetric angle-ply beams

An overview of bilevel optimization

A Bilevel Model for Railway Train Set Organizing Optimization


A hybrid neural network approach to bilevel programming problems

A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems Based on the Simplex Method

An Efficient Evolutionary Algorithm for a Kind of Nondifferentiable Nonlinear Bilevel Programming

A neural network approach for nonlinear bilevel programming problem

A Bilevel Genetic Algorithm for a real life location routing problem

A bi-level programming model for supplier selection in constructing logistics service supply chain

A probabilistic bi-level linear multi-objective programming problem to supply chain planning

A Dynamic Pricing Model for Postponement Supply Chain: The Bi-level Programming Approach

A Bundle Method for a Class of Bilevel Nonsmooth Convex Minimization Problems

A novel approach to Bilevel nonlinear programming

An adaptive genetic algorithm for solving bilevel linear programming problem

A note on the definition of a linear bilevel programming solution

A regularization method for ill-posed bilevel optimization problems


A multilevel hybrid optimization of magnetohydrodynamic problems in double-diffusive fluid flow

A local convergence analysis of bilevel decomposition algorithms

A fuzzy approach for bi-level integer non-linear programming problem

A Two-Level Continuous Sampling Plan for Software Systems

A natural gas cash-out problem: A bilevel programming framework and a penalty function method

A Hierarchical Particle Swarm Optimization for Solving Bilevel Programming Problems

A new bilevel formulation for the vehicle routing problem and a solution method using a genetic algorithm

A Novel Method for Solving Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Based on hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization

A Bi-level Programming Model and Its Algorithm for Scheduling at a Container Terminal

A bilevel model for optimizing station locations along a rail transit line

An extended branch and bound algorithm for linear bilevel programming


A Hybrid Differential Evolution Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Bilevel Programming with Linear Constraints

A Study of Local Solutions in Linear Bilevel Programming

A two level market model for resource allocation optimization in computational grid

A Trust-Region Method for Nonlinear Bilevel Programming: Algorithm and Computational Experience

A Multilevel Search Algorithm for the Maximization of Submodular Functions Applied to the Quadratic Cost Partition Problem

A Two-Level Evolutionary Approach to Multi-criterion Optimization of Water Supply Systems

An extended Kth-best approach for linear bilevel programming

An adaptive multilevel approach to the minimal compliance problem in topology optimization

A two-level distribution network design based on inventory cost optimization

A bilevel programming model for the reactive power optimization

A bilevel programming framework for enterprise-wide process networks under uncertainty


A note on “bilevel linear fractional programming problem”

Aeroelastic Design by Combining Conventional Practice with Bi-Level Integrated System Synthesis (BLISS)

A Mixed-Discrete Bilevel Programming Problem

A Three-Level Mathematical Programming Model of Road Pricing

A homotopy method for solving bilevel programming problem

A Bi-level Programming Approach to Optimizing a Logistic Distribution Network with Balanced Workload

A bilevel programming approach to the travelling salesman problem


A Combined Evolutionary Search and Multilevel Optimisation Approach to Graph-Partitioning

A Computational Study of Global Algorithms for Linear Bilevel Programming

Approximate optimization of a two-level distribution inventory system

A bi-level programming model for the land use - network design problem

A fuzzy goal programming procedure for solving quadratic bilevel programming problems

An Exploration of Multilevel Combinatorial Optimisation

A two-level subspace evolutionary algorithm for solving multi-modal function optimization problems

A Leader-Follower Stochastic Linear Quadratic Differential Game

An efficient algorithm to compute the actual service level at each maintenance facility of a two-echelon inventory system

A multilevel genetic algorithm for optimization of geometrically nonlinear stiffened composite structures


A Bilevel Programming Approach to Optimal Price Setting

A Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach for Solving Bilevel Programming Problems

A Mathematical Model and Descent Algorithm for Bilevel Traffic Management

A Bi-level Optimization Approach for Technology Selection

A Bi-Level Non-Linear Multi-Objective Decision Making under Fuzziness

A Bilevel Model for Toll Optimization on a Multicommodity Transportation Network

A Simple Dual Ascent Algorithm for the Multilevel Facility Location Problem

A trust region algorithm for nonlinear bilevel programming

A bi-level programming approach - Optimal transit fare under line capacity constraints

Application of a two-level optimization process to conceptual structural design of a machine tool

A Bilevel Model and Solution Algorithm for a Freight Tariff-Setting Problem

A note on a modified simplex approach for solving bilevel linear programming problems

A Bundle Trust Region Algorithm for Bilinear Bilevel Programming

A new descent algorithm for solving quadratic bilevel programming problems

An Algorithm to Solve Linear Fractional Bilevel Programming Problem Via Goal Programming

A global optimization method for nonlinear bilevel programming problems

A comparison of various optimization algorithms on a multilevel problem

A note on efficient solutions for the linear bilevel programming problem

A simulation-optimization system for the optimal design of a multilevel inverter

A Penalty Method for Linear Bilevel Programming Problems

Application of Topological Degree Theory to Complementarity Problems

An Implicit Function Approach to Bilevel Programming Problems

An Algorithm For The Speed Optimization Of Multilevel Carry Skip Adders

A two-level optimization approach for the conceptual and preliminary design of airframe structures

Architecture-Level Power Estimation

A dual temperature simulated annealing approach for solving bilevel programming problems

A New Branch and Bound Method for Bilevel Linear Programs

An Algorithm for the Solution of Bi-Level Programming Problems in Transport Network Analysis

A two-level delimitative and combinatorial algorithm for discrete optimization of structures

An algorithm for the integer linear fractional bilevel programming problem

Abstract Level Parallelization of Finite Difference Methods


A note on optimality conditions for bilevel programming problems∗

A hybrid Tabu-ascent algorithm for the linear Bilevel Programming Problem

An approach for multilevel logic optimization targeting low power

A Decomposition-Based Global Optimization Approach for Solving Bilevel Linear and Quadratic Programs

A simple Tabu Search method to solve the mixed-integer linear bilevel programming problem

A mathematical model of higher level structural optimization problems and their solution

A Bilevel Programming Method for Pipe Network Optimization

An algorithm for solving the system-level problem in multilevel optimization

A multidisciplinary optimization using semi-analytical sensitivity analysis procedure and multilevel decomposition

A bilevel bottleneck programming problem

Aluminum Production Modeling—A Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Approach


A Two Level Parallel Evolution Strategy for Solving Mixed-Discrete Structural Optimization Problems

An algorithm for solving the system-level problem in multilevel optimization

Algorithm 728: FORTRAN subroutines for generating quadratic bilevel programming test problems

A two-level approach for controls - Structures integrated design

A control strategy for two-level systems with optimization in the feedback loop

A multilevel wing design procedure centered on the ASTROS structural optimization program

A quasiconcave minimization method for solving linear two-level programs

An update on bi-level geometric programming: A new optimization model

A heuristic for decomposition in multilevel logic optimization

Asymmetric two-level two-level resonance fluorescence spectra and dressed state populations in a squeezed vacuum

A Multilevel Structural Approach to Optimal Earthquake-Resistant Structures

  • Authors: Georg Thierauf, Edwin Portillo-García

  • Published in: 19th Design Automation Conference: Volume 2 — Design Optimization; Geometric Modeling and Tolerance Analysis; Mechanism Synthesis and Analysis; Decomposition and Design Optimization, 1993.

  • DOI:

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A global optimization approach for the linear two-level program

A penalty function approach for solving bi-level linear programs

A modified simplex approach for solving bilevel linear programming problems

An algorithm for the discrete bilevel programming problem

An algorithm for the mixed-integer nonlinear bilevel programming problem


A sequential LCP method for bilevel linear programming

A modification of the two-level algorithm with overcorrection

An improved multilevel optimization approach

Algorithms for nonlinear bilevel mathematical programs

Application of multipliers method in multilevel structural optimization for laminated composites

A note on the Pareto optimality of solutions to the linear bilevel programming problem

A new approach for multilevel logic cell optimization

A two-level approximation method for stress constraints in structural optimization

A note on a linear bilevel programming algorithm based on bicriteria programming


A general bilevel linear programming formulation of the network design problem

A linear bilevel programming algorithm: A comment

Adaptive optimization of a continuous culture with the use of a bilevel forgetting factor

A note on the optimality conditions for the bilevel programming problem

Approximate solutions for two-level optimization problems

A note on a bilevel programming algorithm by Leblanc and Boyce

An efficient multilevel optimization method for engineering design

A Linearization Method for Multilevel Optimization

An Introduction to Low Level Programming for Microprocessors

An Exact Augmented Lagrangian Approach to Multilevel Optimization

A simple algorithm for the-linear bilevel programming problem


A Linear bilevel programming algorithm based on bicriteria programming

An improved multilevel optimization approach for the design of complex engineering systems

A multilevel optimization system for large-scale renewable resource planning /

A bilevel programming algorithm for exact solution of the network design problem with user-optimal flows

An Algorithm to Solve a Two-Level Resource Control Pre-Emptive Hierarchical Programming Problem


An algorithm for solving two-level convex optimization problems

An Algorithm for Solving the General Bilevel Programming Problem

Applying a Two-Level Optimization Technique in Material Balance Problems

A comparative study of model and goal coordination in the multilevel optimization of a double-effect evaporator

A Relaxation Type Two-Level Method for State Constrained Dynamic Optimization Problems

A shortcoming of the multilevel optimization technique