Bi-level optimization



Sensitivity analysis of combinatorial optimization problems using evolutionary bilevel optimization and data mining

Solving discrete linear fractional bilevel programs with multiple objectives at the upper level

Solving fuzzy bilevel linear programming problem based on interval approximation

Solving a Bilevel Problem with Station Location and Vehicle Routing Using Variable Neighborhood Descent and Ant Colony Optimization

Semi-Supervised Batch Active Learning Via Bilevel Optimization

Solid state transformers with multilevel inverters

Sufficient Optimality Conditions in Bilevel Programming

Solving combinatorial bi-level optimization problems using multiple populations and migration schemes

Solving Bilevel Optimization Problems Using Kriging Approximations

Solving Bi-Level Linear Fractional Programming Problem with Interval Coefficients

Solving a class of multiobjective bilevel problems by DC programming

Switching angles calculation through Mathematical optimization in Multilevel Inverters

Split and Queue Optimization in Transport Network through Bi-level Optimization

Special issue on bilevel optimization

Surrogate Approximation on Bilevel Multi Follower Optimization Problems

Solution of a Bi-level Programming Problem with Inexact Parameters

Sufficient optimality conditions using convexifactors for optimistic bilevel programming problem

Securing Branch Predictors with Two-Level Encryption

Stability for semivectorial bilevel programs

Solving Combinatorial Multi-Objective Bi-Level Optimization Problems Using Multiple Populations and Migration Schemes

Sustainable optimization of regional agricultural water use by developing a two-level optimization model

Simultaneous distribution and sizing optimization for stiffeners with an improved genetic algorithm with two-level approximation

Solution of bilevel optimization problems using the KKT approach

Shared Bicycle Regional Allocation Planning Model Based on Bi-Level Programming

Shape optimization of underwater wings with a new multi-fidelity bi-level strategy

Supply chain coordination using wholesale prices with multiple products, multiple periods, and multiple retailers: Bi-level optimization approach

Solving Stochastic and Bilevel Mixed-Integer Programs via a Generalized Value Function

Stochastic Bilevel Program for Optimal Coordinated Energy Trading of an EV Aggregator

Some Aspects of the Stackelberg Leader/Follower Model

Stochastic bi-level optimization models for efficient operating room planning

Soft Keyboard Performance Optimization

Solving energy ordering problem with multiple supply-demand using Bilevel optimization approach

Sufficient Optimality Conditions for a Bilevel Semivectorial D.C. Problem

Satellite Multi-Vehicle Tracking under Inconsistent Detection Conditions by Bilevel K-Shortest Paths Optimization

Solving Quasiconcave Bilevel Programming Problem

Structural Optimization in Multilevel Design

Solving the p-median bilevel problem with order through a hybrid heuristic

Solving Linear Tri-level Programming Problem Using Heuristic Method Based on Bi-section Algorithm

Solving a supply-chain management problem using a bilevel approach

Stochastic bi level programming with multi-choice for Stackelberg game via fuzzy programming

Socket-Level Programming

Swarm optimization based harmonic elimination in improved H-bridge multilevel inverter

Solution Strategy for Bilevel Linear Programming in Fuzzy Random Circumstances

Stochastic bi level programming with multi-choice for Stackelberg game via fuzzy programming

Solving bi-level programming problem with fuzzy random variable coefficients

Solving bi-level optimization problems in engineering design using kriging models

Seeking the Optimal Solution to Bilevel Linear Programming by Dual Problem

Sequential Multi-Objective Optimization for Lubrication System of Gasoline Engines With Bilevel Optimization Structure

Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics

Solving Non-Linear Bi-Level Programming Problem Using Taylor Algorithm


Solving discrete linear bilevel optimization problems using the optimal value reformulation

Study of cascaded H-Bridge multilevel inverter

Size optimization of statically loaded structures by two level multipoint constraint approximation and interior point algorithm

Social spiders optimization and flower pollination algorithm for multilevel image thresholding: A performance study

Set-based Experiment Design for Model Discrimination Using Bilevel Optimization

Solving optimistic bilevel programs by iteratively approximating lower level optimal value function

Solving Ill-posed Bilevel Programs

Smoothing SQP Methods for Solving Degenerate Nonsmooth Constrained Optimization Problems with Applications to Bilevel Programs

Solution algorithm of the fuzzy fractional bilevel linear programming problem

Semivectorial Bilevel Optimization on Riemannian Manifolds

Second order sufficient conditions for a

class of bilevel programs with lower level second-order cone programming problem

Solving multi-vehicle profitable tour problem via knowledge adoption in evolutionary bi-level programming

Selective harmonics elimination PWM applied to multilevel four-legs DC/AC converter based on particle swarm optimization

Solving Linear Bilevel Programming Problems Using a Binary Differential Evolution

Surrogate Modeling and Two-Level Infill Criteria Applied to Electromagnetic Device Optimization

Solving linear bilevel programs via a new neural network

Special issue on “Applied bilevel programming”


Stochastic programming bilevel models for service provision with a balancing coordinator

Supervised non-euclidean sparse NMF via bilevel optimization with applications to speech enhancement

Solving the Bilevel Facility Location Problem under Preferences by a Stackelberg-Evolutionary Algorithm

Structural design of a level-luffing crane through trajectory optimization and strength-based size optimization

Solution for integer linear bilevel programming problems using orthogonal genetic algorithm

Selective harmonic elimination PWM method in two level inverter by differential evolution optimization technique

Selective harmonic elimination PWM method using two level inverter by differential evolution optimization technique

Spatial Targeting of Agri-Environmental Policy Using Bilevel Evolutionary Optimization

Some Remarks on Bi-level Vector Extremum Problems

Stacking sequence optimization with genetic algorithm using a two-level approximation

Solving Multiobjective Bilevel Transportation-Distribution Planning Problem by Modified NSGA II

Study on the Bi-Level Optimization Model of Active Distribution Network

Solving Bi-level Programming With Multiple Linear Objectives At Lower Level Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Sequential probabilistic analytical target cascading method for hierarchical multilevel optimization under uncertainty

Shortcuts to adiabaticity in two-level systems: control and optimization

Solving Bilevel Multiobjective Programming Problem by Elite Quantum Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization

Solving bilevel programs with the KKT-approach

Semivectorial Bilevel Convex Optimal Control Problems: Existence Results

Solving conjectured multi-leader-follower equilibriums for electricity markets with quadratic optimization problems

Solution Concepts and New Optimality Conditions in Bilevel Multiobjective Programming

Sensitivity Analysis for Two-Level Value Functions with Applications to Bilevel Programming

Structural Optimization of Body-in-white Based on Bi-level Programming

Separating tight metric inequalities by bilevel programming

Supervised bi-level thresholding based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Study on profit allocation of coal and electricity supply chain based on bi-level programming

Stochastic dynamic lot-sizing problem using bi-level programming base on artificial intelligence techniques

Selective harmonic power optimization in multilevel inverter output

Study on bi-level programming model of highway traffic network based on the sustainable development theory

Solving a reverse auction problem by bi-level distributed programming and genetic algorithm

Solving quadratic convex bilevel programming problems using a smoothing method

Spinning Reserve Optimization Model Based on Bi-Level Programming

Solving Bilevel Linear Multiobjective Programming Problems

Students Reading Motivation: A Multilevel Mixture Factor Analysis

Study and Application of Two-Level Optimization of Coal Blending for Power Plant Based on On-Line Coal Identification

Solving Bilevel Quadratic Programming Problems and Its Application

Solving multi-leader–common-follower games

Solving Nonlinear Principal-Agent Problems Using Bilevel Programming

Solving a type of biobjective bilevel programming problem using NSGA-II

Study on bi-level programming model for traffic control on massive activities

Supplier selection model and algorithm based on gray bi-level programming

Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Solving a Bi-level Optimization Model on High-speed Railway Station Location

Stackelberg solutions for fuzzy random bilevel linear programming through level sets and probability maximization

Selection research on construction sub-contractor enterprises based on bilevel programming

Study on the bi-level programming model for closed loop supply chain under competitive environment

Study on bi-level programming model for traffic control on massive activities

Solving Bilevel Multi-Objective Optimization Problems Using Evolutionary Algorithms

Second order optimality conditions for bilevel set optimization problems

Subdifferentials of value functions and optimality conditions for DC and bilevel infinite and semi-infinite programs

Study on Logistics Center Location Bi-Level Programming Model and Algorithm Based on Competition

Solving bilevel programming problems with multicriteria optimization techniques

Studying Parameter of MEC Used to Multi-modal Optimization by Two-Level MEC

Structural shape and topology optimization based on level-set modelling and the element-propagating method

Solving Bilevel Linear Programs Using Multiple Objective Linear Programming

Solving Bilevel Toll Assignment Problem by Penalty Function Algorithm

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  • Published in: 2008 Eighth International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, 2008.

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Series Hybrid Powertrain Based on the Dual Two-Level Inverter

Solution Concepts and an Approximation Kuhn–Tucker Approach for Fuzzy Multiobjective Linear Bilevel Programming

Sensitivity analysis of separable traffic equilibrium equilibria with application to bilevel optimization in network design

Solving transportation bi-level programs with Differential Evolution

Synchronized Optimization Model of Regional Bus Scheduling System Based on Multilevel Programming

Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Problems by a Bi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm

Semivectorial Bilevel Optimization Problem: Penalty Approach

Setting Performance Targets Based on Subsystem Pareto Frontiers in Multilevel Optimization

  • Authors: Huibin Liu, Christopher Hoyle, Xiaolei Yin, Wei Chen

  • Published in: Engineering Technology Management: Engineering Business Management, Safety Engineering and Risk Analysis, Technology and Society, 2006.

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Solving linear fractional bilevel programs

Structural shape and topology optimization in a level-set-based framework of region representation

Stochastic Multilevel Interconnect Modeling and Optimization

Some Exact Penalty Results for Nonlinear Programs and Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints

Stochastic Bilevel Programs

Structural Optimization of a Spherical Parallel Manipulator Using a Two-Level Approach

Stochastic bilevel programming in structural optimization

Successive Convex Relaxation Approach to Bilevel Quadratic Optimization Problems

Solving Bilevel Network Design Problem Using a Linear Reaction Function Without Nondegeneracy Assumption

Stackelberg Solutions to Multiobjective Two-Level Linear Programming Problems

Stability of Regularized Bilevel Programming Problems

Safety-level communication in railway interlockings

Satisfaction Optimization Problem

Solution of multilevel structural design problems using a nonsmooth algorithm

Solving two-Level variational inequality

Solving a bilevel linear program when the inner decision maker controls few variables

Some Telecommunications Network Design Problems and the Bi-Steiner Problem

Solving nonlinear bilevel programming models of the equilibrium network design problem: A comparative review

Some properties of the bilevel programming problem

Sequential multilevel multiobjective optimization for structures

Strategy for multilevel optimization of aircraft

Structure of the level two Standard Modules for the affine Lie algebra

Structural optimization by generalized, multilevel optimization

Structural optimization by multilevel decomposition

Structural optimization by multilevel decomposition

Solution of Some Stochastic Quadratic Nash and Leader-Follower Games

Stackelberg Strategies for Multilevel Systems

Single- and two-channel modes of time-to-background optimization of low-level counting