Bi-level optimization



Convergences for robust bilevel polynomial programmes with applications

Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimization With a Bilevel Resource Allocation Mechanism for Large-Scale Dynamic Optimization

Comparison of Bi-level and Nonlinear Optimization for Urban Traffic Control

Convexification Method for Bilevel Programs with a Nonconvex Follower’s Problem

Convergence of the Algorithm

Complexity of near-optimal robust versions of multilevel optimization problems

Comments on “A Note on the Paper ‘Optimality Conditions for Optimistic Bilevel Programming Problem Using Convexifactors’”

Chaotic Simulator for Bilevel Optimization of Virtual Machine Placements in Cloud Computing

Computing Feasible Points of Bilevel Problems with a Penalty Alternating Direction Method

Comparing Expected Improvement and Kriging Believer for Expensive Bilevel Optimization

Closing the gap in linear bilevel optimization: a new valid primal-dual inequality

Coordinated scheme for expansion planning of distribution networks: a bilevel game approach

Cycle length optimization through bi-level optimization


Class Dependent Feature Construction as a Bi-level optimization Problem

Co-optimizing High and Low Voltage Systems: Bi-Level vs. Single-Level Approach

Current Harmonic Optimization of Two-Level Synchronous Symmetric SVPWM at Low Switching Frequency

Constraint Qualifications and Optimality Conditions in Bilevel Optimization

Co-evolutionary algorithms to solve hierarchized Steiner tree problems in telecommunication networks

Comparison of Two-Level and Three-Level NPC Inverter Topologies for a PMSM Drive for Electric Vehicle Applications

Cooperation model in the electricity energy market using bi-level optimization and Shapley value

Co-opetition in enhancing global port network resiliency: A multi-leader, common-follower game theoretic approach

Co-evolution of product family configuration and supplier selection: a game-theoretic bilevel optimisation approach

Control Synthesis for Bilevel Linear Model Predictive Control

Coordinated optimization of low-carbon product family and its manufacturing process design by a bilevel game-theoretic model

Calmness as a Constraint Qualification for M-Stationarity Conditions in MPECs

Classic Drawing

Cross-layer optimization using two-level dual decomposition in multi-flow ad-hoc networks

Concurrent bilevel multi-objective optimisation of renewal funding decisions for large-scale infrastructure networks

Compilation Pipeline

Comparing One-Level versus Two-Level Cervical TDR and One-Level versus Two-Level ACDF at Seven-Year Follow-Up

Convergent Semidefinite Programming Relaxations for Global Bilevel Polynomial Optimization Problems

Comparative analysis of different optimization technique: Harmonic minimization in multilevel inverter

Convex Bilevel Programs

Combining a Continuous Search Algorithm with a Discrete Search Algorithm for Solving Non-linear Bi-level Programming Problem

Crowd Evacuation Optimization by Leader-follower Model

Combining TOPSIS and Particle Swarm Optimization for a Class of Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems

Comprehensive harmonic optimization in cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverters using variable DC sources

Cellular Responses to Bio-Inspired Engineered Topography

Comparison of Bi-Level Optimization Frameworks for Sizing and Control of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Centralized spatial and temporal decomposition charging strategy for electric vehicles: A bi-level optimization approach

Considering decision decentralizations to solve bi-level multi-objective decision-making problems: A fuzzy approach

Carbon tax based on the emission factor: a bilevel programming approach

Coordinate search algorithms in multilevel optimization

CoBRA: A Coevolutionary Metaheuristic for Bi-level Optimization

Co-evolutionary algorithm: An efficient approach for bilevel programming problems

Credit portfolio management using two-level particle swarm optimization

Comprehensive configuration of wind turbine and switch capacitor in distribution network based on Bi-level programming

Constrained Optimization Based on Epsilon Constrained Biogeography-Based Optimization

Comparison of Alternative Strategies for Multilevel Optimization of Hierarchical Systems

CoBRA: A cooperative coevolutionary algorithm for bi-level optimization

Chance Constrained Linear Plus Linear Fractional Bi-level Programming Problem

Constructing evolutionary algorithms for bilevel multiobjective optimization

Competitive facility location problem with attractiveness adjustment of the follower: A bilevel programming model and its solution

CMOS device design and optimization from a perspective of circuit-level energy-delay optimization

Cascading Multilevel Finite-Element Analysis for Local and Nonlocal Parabolic Problems

Connection of some bilevel and nonlinear optimization problems

Connections Between Single-Level and Bilevel Multiobjective Optimization

Constraint programming approach to a bilevel scheduling problem

Concurrent Design of Product-Material Systems Using Multilevel Optimization

  • Authors: Erdem Acar, Masoud Rais-Rohani, Ali Najafi, Esteban Marin, Douglas Bammann

  • Published in: 50th AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, 2009.

  • DOI:

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Constructing test problems for bilevel evolutionary multi-objective optimization

Container Transportation Network Bilevel Model Analysis

Convex two-level optimization problem

Classification model selection via bilevel programming


Container Port Bilevel Programming Model


  • Authors: Martha cecilia rosales Hernandez, Sandra selene Ortiz Pérez, Jose manuel Aceves, Jose Correa Basurto, Daniel Ramírez Rosales, Rafael Zamorano Ulloa, Jose Trujillo Ferrara

  • Published in: The FASEB Journal, 21(5), 2007.

  • DOI:

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Can programming be liberated from the two-level style

Comparison Between Single Level and Bi-Level Dynamic Stabilization in Lumbar Spondylolisthesis: A Finite Element Study

Can programming be liberated from the two-level style

Chance Constrained Bi-level Programming Approach for Flow Interception Problem with Stochastic Users in Fuzzy Environment

Capacitated plant selection in a decentralized manufacturing environment: A bilevel optimization approach

Continuous Network Design with Emission Pricing as a Bi-Level Optimization Problem

Convergence of an Inexact Smoothing Method for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints

Coordinating supply chain response-time: a bi-level programming approach

Constraint Qualifications and KKT Conditions for Bilevel Programming Problems

Covering Pareto Sets by Multilevel Evolutionary Subdivision Techniques

Computational Results

Cone projection versus half-space projection for the bilevel optimisation of transportation networks

Contact shape optimization: a bilevel programming approach

Convergence of a simple subgradient level method

Convex Bilevel Programming

Congested O-D Trip Demand Adjustment Problem: Bilevel Programming Formulation and Optimality Conditions

Complexity Issues in Bilevel Linear Programming

Computing optimal incentives via bilevel programming

Characterizing an optimal solution to the linear bilevel programming problem

Computational Difficulties of Bilevel Linear Programming

Constrained Well-Posed Two-Level Optimization Problems

Convex two-level optimization

Constrained optimization of cellulose acetate membrane using two-level factorial design

Computational aspects of multilevel trajectory optimization