Bi-level optimization



Groundwater level modeling using Augmented Artificial Ecosystem Optimization

Gauss–Newton-type methods for bilevel optimization

Generalized Hohmann, Bi-Parabolic and Bi-Elliptic Planar Impulsive Transfer Using Transformed Variables

Game theory–based bilevel model for multiplayer pavement maintenance management

Generating multi-objective bilevel optimization problems with multiple non-cooperative followers

Gene Subset Selection for Transfer Learning using Bilevel Particle Swarm Optimization

Global Search for Bilevel Optimization with Quadratic Data

Generation rescheduling using multiobjective bilevel optimization

Generalized Energy Storage Configuration Method Based on Bi-level Optimization for Distribution Power System with High Penetration of Renewable Energy

Green Procurement Relationships Development under Carbon Emissions Regulations: A Bi-Level Programming Approach

Good Code Practices

Global efficiency for multiobjective bilevel programming problems under generalized invexity

Genetic Algorithm for FGP Model of a Multiobjective Bilevel Programming Problem in Uncertain Environment

Genetic Algorithm for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Bilevel Programming and Applications in Product Family Design

Global optimality test for maximin solution of bilevel linear programming with ambiguous lower-level objective function

Global Solution of Bilevel Programming Problems

Grid scheduling by bilevel programming: a heuristic approach

GA-based optimization and ANN-based SHEPWM generation for two-level inverter

Genetic Algorithm Based Multiobjective Bilevel Programming for Optimal Real and Reactive Power Dispatch Under Uncertainty

Genetic Algorithm Based on Duality Principle for Bilevel Programming Problem in Steel-making Production

Global optimization by multilevel partition

Generation Scheduling Based on Two-Level Optimization Problem

Genetic algorithm for solving a class of multi-follower fractional bi-level programming problems

Generating Efficient Solutions in Bilevel Multi-Objective Programming Problems

Genetic algorithm based on primal and dual theory for solving multiobjective bilevel linear programming

Global optimization algorithm

for solving bilevel programming problems with quadratic lower levels

Global Optimization of Integer and Mixed-Integer Bi-Level Programming Problems via Multi-Parametric Programming

Global solution of nonlinear mixed-integer bilevel programs

Global optimisation of pessimistic bi-level problems

Grey bilevel linear programming’s particle swarm optimization algorithm

Genetic algorithm based on simplex method for solving linear-quadratic bilevel programming problem

Global Optimization Method Based on the Statistical Genetic Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems

Global solution of bilevel programs with a nonconvex inner program

Genetic algorithm for solving quadratic bilevel programming problem

Global optimization of mixed-integer bilevel programming problems

Genetic Algorithms for Solving Linear Bilevel Programming

  • Authors: Wang Guang-Min, Wan Zhong-Ping, Wang Xian-Jia, Chen Ya-Lin

  • Published in: Sixth International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Applications and Technologies (PDCAT’05), 2005.

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Global Optimization of Bilevel Programming Problems via Parametric Programming

Generalized Level Method with Approximated Data

Genetic-Algorithms-Based Approach for Bilevel Programming Models

General Bilevel Programming

Global optimization of arborescent multilevel inventory systems

Geometry and Local Optimality Conditions for Bilevel Programs with Quadratic Strictly Convex Lower Levels

Generating quadratic bilevel programming test problems

Genetic algorithm based approach to bi-level linear programming

Generating Linear and Linear-Quadratic Bilevel Programming Problems

Geometrical optimization of trusses by a two-level approximation concept