Bi-level optimization



Efficient Meta label correction based on Meta Learning and bi-level optimization

Efficient bi-level multi objective approach for budget-constrained dynamic Bag-of-Tasks scheduling problem in heterogeneous multi-cloud environment

Enhancement of Hosting Capacity with Soft Open Points and Distribution System Reconfiguration: Multi-Objective Bilevel Stochastic Optimization

Enhancing Bilevel Optimization for UAV Time-Optimal Trajectory using a Duality Gap Approach

Estimating the geographic distribution of originating air travel demand using a bi-level optimization model

Enhanced Genetic Algorithm and Chaos Search for Bilevel Programming Problems

  • Authors: Yousria Abo-Elnaga, S. M. Nasr, I. M. El-Desoky, Z. M. Hendawy, A. A. Mousa

  • Published in: The International Conference on Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and Applications (AMLTA2019), 478–487, 2019.

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Efficient Regularization Parameter Selection for Latent Variable Graphical Models via Bi-Level Optimization

Economic Operation of AC/DC Hybrid Micro-grid Based on Bilevel Programming Considering Load Translation

Endogenous Price Zones and Investment Incentives in Electricity Markets: An Application of Multilevel Optimization With Graph Partitioning

Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for Solving Linear Bilevel Programming Problems

Efficient Global Optimization for Solving Computationally Expensive Bilevel Optimization Problems

Energy Aware Resource Allocation for Clouds Using Two Level Ant Colony Optimization

Erratum to: “Connection of some bilevel and nonlinear optimization problems”

Efficient Identification of Hammerstein Systems by Two-Level Optimization with Decomposition

Energy storage sharing strategy in distribution networks using bi-level optimization approach


Efficiently solving linear bilevel programming problems using off-the-shelf optimization software

Evolutionary algorithm for bilevel optimization using approximations of the lower level optimal solution mapping

Evolutionary multi-level robust solution search for noisy multi-objective optimisation problems with different noise levels

Evolutionary Bilevel Optimization: An Introduction and Recent Advances

Evolutionary multitasking in bi-level optimization

Exact solution approaches for bilevel assignment problems

Enhanced exact algorithms for discrete bilevel linear problems

Entry-Level Programming

Entropy based optimal multilevel thresholding using cuckoo optimization algorithm

Electric vehicle charging stations layout research based on bi-level programming

Exact solution approach for a class of nonlinear bilevel knapsack problems

Evolutionary bilevel optimization (EBO)

Estimation of distribution algorithm for a class of nonlinear bilevel programming problems

Energy consumption in reconfigurable mpsoc architecture: Two-level caches optimization oriented approach

Exponential penalty function formulation for multilevel optimization using the analytical target cascading framework

Efficient XML duplicate detection using an adaptive two-level optimization

Emergency Logistics System Based on Bilevel Optimization Model

Exact Solution Methodologies for Linear and (Mixed) Integer Bilevel Programming

Evolutionary bilevel optimization

Entry-Level Programming

Exact penalty method for the nonlinear bilevel programming problem

E-convex Bilevel Programming

  • Authors: Yingying Shi, Zhihui Li, Jiannan Wang

  • Published in: 2010 First ACIS International Symposium on Cryptography, and Network Security, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, E-Commerce and Its Applications, and Embedded Systems, 2010.

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Equivalent Bilevel Programming Form for the Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problem

Enhanced two-level optimization of anisotropic laminated composite plates with strength and buckling constraints

Emergency resource location and allocation model and algorithm based on bi-level programming

Exponential distribution-based genetic algorithm for solving mixed-integer bilevel programming problems

Evolution and multilevel optimization of the genetic code

Elastic constants identification of symmetric angle-ply laminates via a two-level optimization approach

Efficient magnification of bi-level textures

Examples and Applications

Existence of Solutions to Two-Level Optimization Problems with Nonunique Lower-Level Solutions

Exact Penalty Functions for Convex Bilevel Programming Problems

Electromagnetic optimization of multilevel diffractive elements by use of the wavelet transform

Energy optimization of multilevel cache architectures for RISC and CISC processors

Existence of Solutions to Generalized Bilevel Programming Problem

Efficient algorithm for a class of bilevel linear programming problems

Exact and inexact penalty methods for the generalized bilevel programming problem

Editorial: Hierarchical and bilevel programming

Efficient solutions for the linear bilevel programming problem

Emission Spectra of a Two-level Atom Under the Presence of Another Two-level Atom

Engineering Applications of Heuristic Multilevel Optimization Methods

Exact augmented lagrangian approach to multilevel optimization of large-scale systems

Energy Management of Chillers by Multilevel Control and Optimization

Economic Optimization by Simulation: The Confidence Level Approach