Bi-level optimization



Handling Imbalanced Classification Problems With Support Vector Machines via Evolutionary Bilevel Optimization

Hybrid Multi-Task Learning Framework Based on Constrained Bi-Level Gradient Optimization for Mechanical Fault Diagnosis

Handling Sequence-dependent Setup Time Flexible Job Shop Problem with Learning and Deterioration Considerations using Evolutionary Bi-level Optimization


Hierarchical Facility Location Problems

High-efficiency and broadband photonic polarization rotator based on multilevel shape optimization

Harmonic-Tuned High-Efficiency GaN HEMT Doherty Power Amplifier Based on Two- Power- Level Impedance Optimization

Heuristics and metaheuristics for the bi-criterion optimization of the flexible flow shop scheduling problem with two stages

Hybrid CODBA-II Algorithm Coupling a Co-Evolutionary Decomposition-Based Algorithm with Local Search Method to Solve Bi-Level Combinatorial Optimization

High-level parallel programming in a heterogeneous world

Harmonic Elimination of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter using Metaheuristic Optimization Methods

High-occupancy Vehicle Lanes and Tradable Credits Scheme for Traffic Congestion Management: A Bilevel Programming Approach

High-speed simulation of modular multilevel converters for optimization based design

Hybrid Biogeography-based Optimization Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Bilevel Programming

High-Level Synchronization Tools

Harmonic elimination of multilevel inverters by moth-flame optimization algorithm

Harmonic optimization of multilevel converters using Big Bang-Big Crunch optimization method

Higher-Level Programming

Handling inverse optimal control problems using evolutionary bilevel optimization

Handling decision variable uncertainty in bilevel optimization problems

Hazardous Materials Transportation using Bi-level Linear Programming - Case-study of Liquid Fuel Distribution

  • Authors: Madalena S. Rodrigues, Marta C. Gomes, Alexandre B. Gonçalves, Sílvia Shrubsall

  • Published in: Proceedings of the International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems, 2015.

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Harmonic distortion optimization of multilevel PWM inverter using genetic algorithms

Hydrothermal coordination by bi-level optimization and composite constraint handling method

Hierarchical coordinated control strategy for electric vehicle based on bi-level programming

Heuristic for two-dimensional homogeneous two-segment cutting patterns

Harmonic Optimization of Diode-clamped Multilevel Inverter Using Teaching-learning-based Optimization Algorithm

Harmonic elimination of Cascaded Multilevel Inverters Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Harmonic Optimization of Multilevel Inverters Using Hybrid GA/PSO

Hierarchical bilevel image compression based on cutset sampling

Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Inventory Management Based on Postponement Strategy and Bilevel Programming Model

Hybrid Solution Methods for Bilevel Optimal Control Problems with Time Dependent Coupling

Higher-Order Programming and Lower Level Activity

Harmonic elimination of multilevel inverters using particle swarm optimization

Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm for Solving the Bilevel Programming Models with Fuzzy Variables

Hybrid queueing systems with hysteretic bilevel control policies

Heuristic Optimization of Two-Level Networks

Hierarchical Systems and their Management


High-Level Synthesis for Low Power

Heuristic algorithms for the bilevel origin-destination matrix estimation problem

High-level Programming

High-level Languages

High-Level Programming Languages

High-level Languages

High level process control language “ESPRIT” and its source level debugging system “SOLDA”