Bi-level optimization



Data-adaptive M-estimators for robust regression via bi-level optimization

Design of an optimal P2P energy trading market model using bilevel stochastic optimization

Decentralized non-convex optimization via bi-level {SQP} and {ADMM}

Detecting and solving aircraft conflicts using bilevel programming

Dynamical system for solving bilevel variational inequalities

Driving control based on bilevel optimization and fuzzy logic

Decentralized Decision System for Closed-Loop Supply Chain: A Bi-Level Multi-Objective Risk-Based Robust Optimization Approach

Deep convolutional neural network architecture design as a bi-level optimization problem

Designing of a Mat-heuristic Algorithm for Solving Bi-level Optimization Problems

DOMINO: Data-driven Optimization of bi-level Mixed-Integer NOnlinear Problems

Decision making by bi-level model of portfolio optimization

Dual Theory for Matrix Linear Bilevel Programming

Day-Ahead Distribution Market Analysis Via Convex Bilevel Programming

Designing intervention scheme for vaccine market: a bilevel programming approach

Differential Evolution Algorithms for Solving Bilevel Optimization Problems Using Computational Clusters

Design Optimization of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors using Multilevel Ant Algorithm

Detection of minimum biomarker features via bi-level optimization framework by nested hybrid differential evolution

Differential Evolution and Lemkes Algorithm in the Solution of Bilevel Programming Problems

Duality Approach to Bilevel Programs with a Convex Lower Level

Dynamic Row-Level Security

Determination of blur kernel for HR-pQCT with bilevel optimization

Dynamic Game-Based Maintenance Scheduling of Integrated Electric and Natural Gas Grids With a Bilevel Approach


Diminution of harmonics in multilevel inverter using particle swarm optimization

Deterministic solution approach for some classes of nonlinear multilevel programs with multiple followers

Design of State Rail and Bus Transportation Scheme with Bi-Level Optimization Model

Differential evolution with double-level archives for bi-objective cloud task scheduling

Delay and energy optimization in multilevel balanced WSNs for landslide monitoring

Designing of multilevel DPFC to improve power quality

Day-ahead reserve capacity procurement based on mixed-integer bilevel linear programming

Differential evolution and particle swarm optimization algorithms with two stage initialization for PID controller tuning in coupled tank liquid level system

Differential evolution to find Stackelberg-Nash equilibrium in bilevel problems with multiple followers

Developing a two level options trading strategy based on option pair optimization of spread strategies with evolutionary algorithms

Differential Evolution assisted by a surrogate model for bilevel programming problems

Decomposed Multilevel Optimization under Epistemic Uncertainty

Development of a concurrency control technique for multilevel secure databases

Decentralized Bilevel Optimization for Supplier Selection Problem with Multiple Items under Fuzzy Random Environment

Differential evolution for bilevel programming

Distributed on-line path planner for multi-UAV coordination using bi-level programming

Distribution Network and Multiple Power Bi-Level Programming

Determination of the Skip-Stop Scheduling for a Congested Transit Line by Bilevel Genetic Algorithm

Double-Layered Hybrid Neural Network Approach for Solving Mixed Integer Quadratic Bilevel Problems

Distributed leader–follower flocking control for multi-agent dynamical systems with time-varying velocities

Direct search algorithm for bilevel programming problems

Designing a family of reconfigurable vehicles using multilevel multidisciplinary design optimization

Discrete time dynamic multi-leader-follower games with feedback perfect information

Distributed multilevel optimization for complex structures

Decentralized multi-objective bilevel decision making with fuzzy demands

Design, implementation, and optimization of a highly efficient multilevel fast multipole algorithm

Disjunctive cuts for continuous linear bilevel programming

Dual multilevel optimization

Dynamic Continuous Network Design Problem

Decision making of transportation plan, a bilevel transportation problem approach

Design Optimization of Hierarchically Decomposed Multilevel Systems Under Uncertainty

Decomposition and Two-level Optimization of Structures with Discrete Sizing Variables

Design of FIR bilevel Laplacian-of-Gaussian filter

Determining optimal pollution control policies: An application of bilevel programming

Deriving the Properties of Linear Bilevel Programming via a Penalty Function Approach

Determining Price Support Levels for Biofuel Crops

Design and implementation of multilevel parallel optimization on the Intel teraflops

Displacement based multilevel structural optimization - Beams, trusses, and frames

  • Authors: A. Striz, S. Sharma, T. Srivastava, Jaroslaw Sobieszczanski-Sobieski

  • Published in: 7th AIAA/USAF/NASA/ISSMO Symposium on Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization, 1998.

  • DOI:

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Dependence of bilevel mathematical programs on irrelevant constraints

Displacement based multilevel structural optimization

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