Bi-level optimization



Optimization design of crude oil distillation unit using bi-level surrogate model

On convex lower-level black-box constraints in bilevel optimization with an application to gas market models with chance constraints

Optimization strategies for the bilevel network design problem with affine cost functions

Optimality conditions for nonsmooth multiobjective bilevel optimization using tangential subdifferentials

On High-Order Multilevel Optimization Strategies

Optimality Conditions for a Nonsmooth Semivectorial Bilevel Optimization Problem

On Optimistic and Pessimistic Bilevel Optimization Models for Demand Response Management

Outer approximation for global optimization of mixed-integer quadratic bilevel problems

On Solving Linguistic Bi-Level Programming Problem Using Dynamic Programming

Optimization for operating mode of two-level pump drive hydraulic press

On a Solving Bilevel D.C.-Convex Optimization Problems

Optimal Daily Operation in Smart Grids Using Decentralized Bi-level Optimization Considering Unbalanced Optimal Power Flow

On Formulating the Ground Scheduling Problem as a Multi-objective Bilevel Problem

On the Sensitivity of Local Flexibility Markets to Forecast Error: A Bi-Level Optimization Approach

On Stackelberg–Nash Equilibria in Bilevel Optimization Games

Optimality conditions in terms of convexificators for a bilevel multiobjective optimization problem

Optimization of SHEPWM cascaded multilevel inverter switching patterns

Optimal Configuration of Power Supply of Microgrid based on Bilevel Layer Programming with Renewable Energy Preferred

Optimization of renewable energy subsidy and carbon tax for multi energy systems using bilevel programming

Optimization of level intervals in steeply-dipping vein deposits: A two-step approach

Optimistic Variants of Single-Objective Bilevel Optimization for Evolutionary Algorithms

On the Solution of a Bilevel Electricity Market Optimization Problem

On Bilevel Optimization with Inexact Follower

On Various Approaches for Bi-level Optimization Problems

Optimization of Ezetimibe Nano Formulation by Two-level Full Factorial Design

Optimization method based on simplex algorithm for current control of modular multilevel converters

Optimum design of a spur gear using a two level optimization approach

On the Response of a Two-Level System to Two-Photon Inputs

On integer and bilevel formulations for the k-vertex cut problem

Optimal Operational Scheduling of Distribution Network with Microgrid via Bi-Level Optimization Model with Energy Band

Ordered Level Planarity and Its Relationship to Geodesic Planarity, Bi-Monotonicity, and Variations of Level Planarity

Optimal Operation Method of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Considering Source-load Coordination Based on Uncertain Bi-level Programming


Optimal subsidies for rail containers: a bi-level programming solution

Optimal Route Driving for Leader-Follower Using Dynamic Particle Swarm Optimization

Optimal capacity configuration for power to gas facilities in a wind farm: a bi-level programming

Optimality conditions for mixed discrete bilevel optimization problems

Optimization of Two-Level Disassembly/Remanufacturing/Assembly System with an Integrated Maintenance Strategy

Optimization of bioprocess productivity based on metabolic-genetic network models with bilevel dynamic programming

Optimization of Hybrid Optics with Multilevel Phase Mask for Improved Depth of Focus Broadband Imaging

On solving multi-objective linear bi-level multi-follower programming problem

On Bilevel Programs with a Convex Lower-Level Problem Violating Slater’s Constraint Qualification

Optimization of Scanning and Counting Sensor Layout for Full Route Observability with a Bi-Level Programming Model

Optimization of a Reluctance Resolver

Optimal Operation Method of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Considering Source-load Coordination Based on Uncertain Bi-level Programming

Optimality conditions for the simple convex bilevel programming problem in Banach spaces

On a Traveling Salesman based Bilevel Programming Problem

On Single-Valuedness of Quasimonotone Set-Valued Operators

Optimality conditions for nonsmooth multiobjective bilevel optimization problems

Optimality Conditions for Bilevel Vector Optimization Problems with a Variable Ordering Structure

Optimality Conditions for Bilevel Programming: An Approach Through Variational Analysis

On Fuzzy Bi-Level Multi-Objective Large Scale Integer Quadratic Programming Problem

On the convergence of two-level Krylov methods for singular symmetric systems

On the use of intersection cuts for bilevel optimization

Optimization of Four- Wave Mixing Based Multilevel Phase Quantization Through Gain Extinction Ratio

On fuzzy goal programming procedure to bi-level multiobjective linear fractional programming problems

Optimization at the Overall Land Use Plan Level

Optimization of logistics service supply chain based on Bi-Level programming and the hierarchical wind driven algorithm for solution

Optimization of the geometrical characteristics of an ICS solar water heater system using the two-level experience planning

Optimization of electrode structure for flip-chip HVLED via two-level metallization

Optimality conditions for pessimistic trilevel optimization problem with middle-level problem being pessimistic

Optimization of Multi-period Bilevel Supply Chains under Demand Uncertainty

Optimization of DSM Sampling Frequency and Interleaving Frequency for Bilevel Quadrature-Modulation EPWM Transmitter

Optimization of PWM for overmodulation region of two-level inverters

Optimization angle control technique for multilevel inverter

On the solution of convex bilevel optimization problems

On the Solution of Bi-level Large Scale Quadratic Programming Problem with Stochastic Parameters in the Constraints

Optimization of (R;Q) policies for two-level distribution inventory systems with operating flexibility

Optimal transport and a bilevel location-allocation problem

Optimal scheduling of energy storage system in wind power integrated system based on bi-level programming

Observing the State of a Smart Grid Using Bilevel Programming

Optimizing bi-level programming control of artery with environmental constraint

Optimal Types of Traffic Sensors Located in a Stochastic Network: A Bi-Level Programming Model

Optimization of Bi-level Distribution Network System Based Fuzzy Multi-objective Decision-making Model Analysis

On the solution of Large Scale Bi-Level Linear Vector Optimization Problems through TOPSIS

Optimality conditions for nonsmooth mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints, using convexificators

Optimization of Inventory for Two Level Multiple Retailers-Single Manufacturer Reverse Supply Chain

Optimization of a Multilevel Checkpoint Model with Uncertain Execution Scales

  • Authors: Sheng Di, Leonardo Bautista-Gome, Franck Cappello

  • Published in: SC14: International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, 2014.

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Optimality conditions for pessimistic semivectorial bilevel programming problems

On complexity of the bilevel location and pricing problems

Optimization and Non-Optimization of H-Bridge Cascaded Multilevel Inverter

Optimality of Bilevel Programming Problems Through Multiobjective Reformulations

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Optimality Conditions for Semivectorial Bilevel Convex Optimal Control Problems

Optimization of GM (1,1) Model Based on Bilevel Programming

Optimization of Multilevel Ethanol Leaching Process of Porang Flour (Amorphophallus muelleri) Using Response Surface Methodology

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Oligopolistic Generation Expansion:A Multi-leader Multi-follower approach

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Optimality and Duality Results for Bilevel Programming Problem Using Convexifactors

Optimization of Two-Stage Port Logistics Network of Dynamic Hinterland Based on Bi-level Programming Model

Optimization of water level monitoring network in polder systems using information theory

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Optknock: A bilevel programming framework for identifying gene knockout strategies for microbial strain optimization

Optimality Conditions

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